Saturday, February 18, 2012

Nine (and a half...) months

(I am terrible right now at writing down milestones or making records of what is happening with my kiddos!  I document it in a fashion, but I'm not sure posting pictures to Facebook is going to cut it as fulfilling my role as family historian.  Maybe if I shove them all in a photo book later?  Let's go with that plan!)

Anyway, don't die of shock, but here's an actual update on our littlest person.

Levi is pulling up now, AND standing up in the middle of the room.  He triumphantly smacks his fat hands on the coffee table in triumph.  He also crawls VERY fast!

He is also getting pretty handy at this whole NOM NOM NOM thing.  See evidence of banana destroying abilities, to left.  Still totally variable whether/how much he's actually ingesting, but he's having a blast with it so his budding relationship with solid foodstuffs is going well. 

Favorites besides banana include green beans (frozen are fun too for the soothing feel on the gums), soft cooked squash Mama fished out of the soup, orange slices grabbed off the big kid's snack platter, roast beef pieces, and scrambled egg. 

(If you're curious about our approach to solids right now, it's a mish mash of Baby Led Eating and real food for babies.  Only, no liver.  *shudder*  If I won't eat it, he doesn't have to!)

We are really loving our used Didymos wrap we bought.  It is far and away getting the most love of any of our carriers right now.  Micah has always liked the mei tais best, but is very partial to the wrap as well.  He grabbed Levi the other morning to squeeze in some extra daddy/baby snuggle time while getting ready for work.

(Babywearing geeks, that is a back wrap cross carry with chestbelt.  Pretty much our favorite, although I am loving the rucksack carry more and more these days, especially when wrapping in public!)

Levi is a total joy right now - I forgot how much fun this age is!  He is a very happy baby and his funny expressions and giggles are beyond adorable.  I told Micah I think I am a babyholic - each baby seems cuter than the last and each babyhood seems more precious!   :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

BIG joys and {little} sorrows

{Small} in the grand scheme of things sorrow... I have a headache.

During naptime. 

On Friday. 

I feel like there should be some kind of law against this?

Also, it is cloudy and dreary and I feel lonely and blue. 

And I have accidentally overbaked two! pans! of my very favorite chocolate chip cookies. 

And! I tweaked the recipe and it doesn't taste as good. 

BLAH.  Woe is me.  (I know, I know. I am even annoying to myself.)  Moving on!

If my husband were home he would roll his eyes at me and put his thumb and forefinger together to make the world's smallest violin.  I would laugh and feel better. 

(He would also put the kettle on and suggest I take some ibuprofen.  Hold on a sec while I do that.)

Since he is NOT home, dear internet, I am instead sobbing on your shoulder.  You're welcome.  Or click the red X in the corner of the browser.  Either way.

And yes, I am indeed such a ditz that I have to be reminded to take something for my own headaches.  Frequently! Thank goodness for my husband!  He tells me to take something for my headaches, makes me laugh when I am mad (no small talent!), buys me spray paint and chocolate, and never complains.  He is my favorite.

And thank goodness (and a sweet friend) for new to us activities tucked away for dreary days such as this.  Added points if it is educational but they are having too much fun to notice!  They loved arranging the plastic shapes inside the pattern on the laminated sheets.  Kept wanting to keep going.  So fun watching them enjoy it and feel the pride of figuring it out.  They are becoming such smart little people!

Lord, I thank you for thrifted hoodies, cute handmedowns, my video monitor set up, Earl Grey tea, the afternoon sun that is just now bursting through the clouds and through my windows, and Saturday on the horizon. Amen.

And the ibuprofen/hot tea/sweet silence of naptime is kicking in and banishing the headache.  Yay!

Time for me to go wake up some sleeping kiddos {to make sure to have a smooth bedtime!} and maybe play some play dough! :)

Ta ta, friends, and happy weekend!

Keep your eyes out for the BIG joys and remember that the {little} sorrows will pass...