Monday, February 08, 2010

Squeaky Clean!

My hands were getting dry, 
and I had a painful crack on my finger... 
so I decided I needed some
rubber gloves for dish washing!
I told my husband to look for something 
besides the normal, boring yellow gloves... 
and this is what he brought me! :)
Aren't they just so perfect for right before Valentine's Day? 
Now, I just need to get into the habit of putting on some hand lotion 
and my pretty new gloves before washing dishes.  :) 

 I love this cookie cutter... and I'm planning a post about something I did with it, so stay tuned for that later in the week! :)


Marie {Make and Takes} said...

Maybe I'd want to do the dishes more often with those fancy gloves!! Super cute. Thanks for sharing. Happy they're making your hands crack free!!

natalie said...

Thanks for stopping by, Marie!
I was amused to note that I *do* want to do dishes more often with them... and it's more fun as well! :)