Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Reflections in the Dishwater

"Christian women must reject any distorted view of the modern housewife- whether it be the miserable household drudge; the fanatical, sock-matching wonder-woman; the child-centered, worn out soccer mom; or the deceptive, apron wearing vixen.  When we consistently renew our minds by absorbing Scripture and by passionately embracing the sacred calling God has truly given us as women, we will refute the perverted image of the desperate housewife by believing His promises and showing the world there is something better for which we can truly be passionate!"
- Passionate Housewives Desperate for God  

This book came in the mail yesterday afternoon, and I've already read it all.  It was a breath of fresh air and encouragement.  I was blessed with some rare quiet time this morning, since I got up around 5, and was able to finish it and then turn to the dishes and watch the sunrise while thinking over what I'd been reading.

"If the world can convince us to acquire a taste for the futile blandness found in a self centered marriage, to be content with recreational motherhood, and to prefer a sterile, disposable version of home "economics," then we will miss the beauty and poetry that is ours in the heavenly magnum opus of a God-glorifying, well-ordered home."
- Passionate Housewives Desperate for God (bold added)

Today I'm thankful for the beauty of clean dishes, of sunlight coming through windows, of my dishsoap in a pretty recycled vinegar bottle, and watching the sunrise as I wash away, wearing my beloved gloves... 
 "What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God.  
We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred 
and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, 
but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow."              
- Martin Luther

Celebrating the beauty of biscuits...
yummy flaky biscuits... 
and leftover biscuits so I can have them with breakfast 
...and for the peace to take pictures of the reflections in my dishwater, and  to share my reflections with you. :)


Kasondra said...

Let me know how the book turns out! It sounds wonderful!

Brooke said...

Thank you so much for sharing! In the first quote I think she is right on; believing His promises is so important. When I forget His promises and love for His Kingdom that is when I doubt --- "maybe we can't afford anymore..." --- "maybe I'm not cut out for a large family..." Doubting isn't good for anybody, no good comes from it. And since our culture does down play being a "stay at home Mom" we have to fight that much harder. But when I think I am blessing His Kingdom and all the monotony is working towards something so much bigger, then I have a peace. And those "doubts" seem so silly, because they really are. :)

Thanks again Natalie for sharing, and you like the fastest reader!

Peachtree said...

I'm still in chapter 2, but thoroughly enjoying it!

I'm enjoying your blog now that I found it! :)

natalie said...

Kas- it was great! I really came away invigorated and feeling more inspired about homemaking, and how essential to reclaiming culture it is that we are making our homes havens and lighthouses to the watching world, and showing our children what it means to embrace our divinely ordained roles in the family. You should read it if you can!

Brooke - You're welcome! Your post recently that talked about "soul work" was an encouragement to me, so I'm glad that we can both encourage one another. :)
You're right about how helpful it is to get things in perspective and see the big picture! (Instead of "just" another load of dirty diapers... ;) )
I am a pretty fast reader, but I haven't read a book that quickly in a few months! :) I just was so encouraged by it I didn't want to stop!

natalie said...

Welcome! :) We commented at the same time, oops...

Glad you're enjoying it too! Did you just get it through the Moneysaving mom deal like I did? :)

Peachtree said...


Bobbi Janay @When did I go from a kid to a grown up? said...

I need to work on getting back on track on my walk with God. After moving 7 times in the past five years, I have strayed a bit. I need to find a copy of this book.

natalie said...

Hi Bobbi! :)
Definitely read it if you can! Amazon has it, not sure if local stores would. Sadly the coupon code I had (free for shipping) is expired, but I know I'll be rereading it quite a few times so it would have been worth paying full price for.

I felt like it was a huge encouragement, not just in my role as wife and mother, but also generally... she suggested reading snippets of Scripture and briefly praying throughout the day... so I wrote a verse on a 3x5 card that I wanted to think on and put it above my sink. I'm getting plenty of time to let it soak in, and it helps my dishwashing attitude, too... ;)

Adam said...

I live in Malaysia, and I feel sorry for my wife, she try to juggle her work and family but most of the time when push come to shove work always win. We go out early in the morning and only come home after sundown. I took us 2 hours at least to get to work because of traffic.

I have taken a drastic decision to quite my job and start and work from home, in the hope i would earn enough so she can quit and do what she wants study about religion.

Missi said...

Love that book too! You've inspired me to read it again, it's been a while!