Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Slowing Down and Reading Aloud

Normally, I read fast. If a story grips me, barring interruption, two to four hours later, the book is done. I find a good story very addictive, and a good plot can induce me to forgo sleep, food, showering, and other basics of civilized existence.

However, I'm discovering that there are other ways to enjoy a good story than by snarfing it down as quickly as possible. Micah read 100 Cupboards and Dandelion Fire aloud, and I really enjoyed it. It is forcing me to slow down and enjoy each part of the story, instead of rushing to the end to find out what happens. Which is definitely the fate these books would have had, since I can't wait to find out what comes next!  And I can't wait until we start The Chestnut King!

 100 Cupboards: Book 1 (The 100 Cupboards)Dandelion Fire: Book 2 of the 100 CupboardsThe Chestnut King: Book 3 of the 100 Cupboards


Brooke said...

good reminder! I feel like with a sewing project and most of the time wish I had slowed down and done a nicer job. :)

natalie said...

Yes, I tend to do the same thing with sewing projects! Although for me that is usually more about worrying my sewing time will be up before I finish, not impatience to get it done... :)

Carmon Friedrich said...

I'm reading Dandelion Fire right now, and I'm forced to savor it since I keep getting interrupted while I read. My children have all finished it long ago.

natalie said...

Well, that *is* another way to slow down, lol! For much of last year I didn't do much reading (beside *blush* magazines, blogs, and articles) because I couldn't settle down for long enough to get into anything before one or the other baby needed me. But recently things have slowed down enough that I can actually pick up a book... just not for very long! :)